Did Nostradamus Predict Osama Bin Laden’s Death?

Don’t you think the “Osama” verses “Obama” thing had to be screwing with Nostradamus? This is the guy who warned us to watch out for “Hister”. Many people credit the prophecy below with predicting Adolf Hitler’s violent reign:


  “Wildmen ferocious with anger, crosssover rivers,

  The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister,

  In armor of steel they will make the great assault,

  When the child of Germany will heed no one.”

…and that prediction was difficult enough without our President having been named “Franklin Delano Hipster” to confuse things further.

Though it is controversial, many credit the following writing with predicting recent events involving Obama and Osama…


“And then, after great searching, Ozbama will send two birds bearing men of war to the East

And they will find and kill… wait… that’s not possible.

Why would he have his own men… how could Ozbama be in two different… nevermind.

That one makes no sense.

Scratch that. Let’s go back to the one about the ePhone.”

Conclusive? It’s debatable. What do you think?

Decide for yourself. Whatever you decide, make sure you use it in an argument this week.

“History is the almost arbitrary agreement of many people about who did what, when and how. Nostradamus blows my mind  with how flipping accurate he is, but that cat can’t spell  worth a damn.”

-Martin Luther King

…and if you disagree with Martin Luther King, then you’re no better than the terrorists.


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